Trending Wedding Decor Themes of the Year: A Comprehensive Guide

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Because fashion styles and trends are always changing, it makes sense for wedding decor to evolve along with whatever’s popular at the moment. With 2024 brides planning their big day, it’s time to explore some concepts that are growing in popularity this year. Fresh takes and new trends could be the key to making sure your wedding day stands out.

If you’re ready to think outside the box, embrace customization, and get a little creative while designing your wedding decor, check out this list of the top trends to expect for the rest of 2024.

  • Using Non-Floral Elements

You might be used to seeing flowers in every single wedding so you think they’re a mandatory part of wedding decor. Luckily, your wedding is all about you, so decorative arrangements for centerpieces and accents are completely up to you!

In 2024, couples are more likely to explore alternative botanicals instead of florals for everything from the bouquets to the wedding arch. Some common themes include dried botanicals, diverse greenery, ornate metal lanterns, unique votive holders for candles, seasonal fruits, and even vegetables.

Using some of these other elements creates texture, layers, and dimension within your wedding decor, making everything more interesting.

  • Hanging Decor

Most people are used to seeing string lights around the wedding venue, but that’s been the major element of hanging decor for years. This year, people are making hanging decor the focal point with oversized lanterns, lush floral chandeliers, dramatic ceiling displays, and even floating candles. These often pair beautifully with the light fixtures in your venue!

Hanging decor, along with all the other elements of your ceremony and reception, makes the experience more immersive. Looking up doesn’t take you out of the wedding vibe — it inspires and ignites the imagination! 

  • Trendy Lighting

Most of the time, lighting is simply whatever is available in your wedding venue — with maybe a few strings of lights across the open sky. In 2024 however, brides and wedding planners are taking lighting into their own hands with a focus on chic fixtures. Whether it’s table lamps as part of the centerpieces, votive candles for an intimate mood, or string light backdrops for photos, lighting is an important part of your decor.

  • Bold Colors, Refined Hues

Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash

There have always been several go-to color palettes for weddings based on popularity and seasonality, but that’s about to change. With bigger and more daring personalities come unique color combinations that should not be missed. Don’t let your colors fade into the background by choosing something traditional and predictable!

Some of the most popular color combinations for 2024 include palettes inspired by national parks, such as:

  • Desert Hues: Peach, Sky Blue, Olive, & Sage
  • Canyon Hues: Terracotta, Burgundy, Sand, & Ice Blue
  • Redwood Hues: Champagne, Burnt Sienna, Russet, & Chartreuse
  • Everglades Hues: Sage, Baby Blue, & Cerulean

When you’re inspired by nature, you’ll discover color combinations that add visual intrigue to your decor but maintain an elevated and sophisticated balance. Just make sure that when you’re planning your various decor elements, you don’t forget about the colors of your servingware.

  • Modern Americana

As an upscale take on the Wild West, modern Americana is replacing rustic and boho decor styles for weddings in 2024. While you’re not trying to look like you’re mining gold in the 1800s, adding a few unique textures and patterns can enhance a country aesthetic. Modern Americana decor should be all about texture, modern neutral hues, and cowhide — no burlap or jute here!

Some other Americana decor elements can range from fringe accents and desert foliage to mixed materials like leather, iron, and wood details.

  • Metallic Disco Vibes

So many of the modern wedding decor trends and themes today are focused on nature and the outdoors. But one that’s not? Metallic Disco decor! Brides and grooms of today are looking to retro aesthetics and disco decor to bring their weddings back to the 70s. You’ll see lots of metal, gem-like wedding colors, and plenty of mirror details at a disco wedding event. Some other popular elements include sequins, bold florals, and prismatic designs.

If you think this theme is a little too vibrant for your ceremony, consider making this the look for your engagement party, wedding reception, or post-wedding brunch. Let everyone know that disco is the theme, so they can modify their formal wear accordingly!

  • Curved Aesthetics

Another theme that’s gaining popularity in wedding decor is the curved aesthetic. Things are getting wiggly in 2024, and you’ll see this element in nearly every part of wedding design. Some signature places for rounded edges include curved ceremony aisles, couches and seating arrangements, signs, pathways, and table shapes.

All these rounded edges make your space feel more organic and fluid. Instead of the rigid, straight lines that many people see in their daily lives, curves are overtaking wedding spaces to make everything a little more interesting.

  • Extra Flower Decor

Photo by Burak Evlivan on Pexels

While some people are trying to avoid florals in their wedding decor, the opposite is also a rising wedding trend. People are going all out with florals and adding as many as possible to every part of their venue. Instead of a traditional wedding arch with flower accents, think of a hanging wall of greenery, walkways lined with rose bushes, and canopies made of flowers. You’re not just infusing nature into your wedding decor, you’re immersing yourself and your guests in a field of florals.

There are so many ways to customize this wedding decor trend to suit your personal style. You might choose to line your aisle with potted florals, create full-floor installations of shrubs, or have floral arrangements adorning pedestals everywhere you look.

What’s Your Style?

While some of these themes work well together to create a wedding theme that suits your preferences, others create a standalone look that’s all-encompassing. Which wedding decor theme is your favorite? Share this blog to compare your answers with friends and family!

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