Eternal Elegance: Unveiling 6 Timeless Fashion Trends That Never Get Old

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When it comes to today’s fashion must-haves, timeless trends make the perfect foundation in any wardrobe. Save time refreshing your seasonal looks with fashionable pieces that can be simply styled to create many different outfits with a single, staple piece.

Classic pieces should be made of high-quality materials that are comfortable and durable, so these go-to’s can be worn week after week, year after year.

Fashion should always show the individual personality of the person wearing the clothes — your style should reflect the way you like to dress — but add in a few of these classic trends that will please your pocket and also save yourself a little time choosing the perfect outfit for any occasion.

1. The White Button-Up Shirt

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One of the most well-known of all of the timeless trends — the white button-up shirt — can never fail. Choose a fine cotton long sleeve shirt with a slightly oversized fit. Now, bring on the styling!

Favorite looks are layering lingerie pieces under the white button-up and pairing them with a simple pair of jeans. Tying the button-up shirt at the waist and pairing it with any bottom is another great go-to.

The white button-up shirt is a great overshirt for a range of ensembles, including any jeans outfit or summer dress. We love sneakers, boots, and pumps with the white shirt. In fact, the white button-up shirt is a perfect choice on top to highlight a unique or interesting footwear choice on the bottom.

2. The Bohemian Maxi Dress

Bohemian looks have been in the fashion mix since the 1960s, and they aren’t going anywhere!  Try a bohemian maxi dress for an effortless, high-fashion look that can be worn anywhere.  Wear it to the office, shopping, school, and out in the evening — the bohemian maxi dress is versatile!

The bohemian maxi should be long.  Be sure it reaches all the way to the ankle when choosing a maxi dress. Another important buying point — flowability.  A bohemian maxi dress should be full and flowing. Layers and ruffles are a wonderful way to increase the fluidity of this dress.

Colors should be neutral — think browns, tans, creams, and grays, or just monochrome to make this favorite piece truly timeless. When styling the bohemian maxi dress, ankle boots, wedges, flats, or a pair of fashion sandals are all great choices. Carry this look into colder months with a tall boot and an overcoat.

Channel your inner Kate Hudson and take your bohemian styling to the next level with the perfect maxi dress.

3. Denim Separates

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We’re reaching back into the 1970s for the next timeless fashion choice — denim separates. A great fitting, good quality pair of jeans is always in style. Ensuring the perfect fit is easier than it sounds. Try different brands, cuts, and sizes until you find the best fit.

Now, take the trend to the next level and buy more denim pieces. A denim button-up shirt is a great choice. Matching washes with a favorite pair of jeans and a button-up shirt makes for a timeless outfit option. Switch it up with a denim crop top, skirt, jacket, or shorts.

Mixing and matching denim washes can be a little tricky but when it’s done right, it’s well worth it. Enhance your street style with head-to-toe denim. Add a great boot, sneaker, or sandal, and turn heads!

4. The Glam Pieces

A little shine goes a long way, or harness your inner diva and take your bling to another level with all-out glam.

Daytime is more exciting with a satin cami or dress or a sequin tank. Nighttime is more glamorous with a sparkly sequin dress or a satin dress or pant set. Glam pieces are all about the materials. Choose soft, shiny, sparkly fabrics in colors you love.

Neutrals transition effortlessly from day to night (think cream, black, and navy blue). Bright colors add a punch of fun and excitement to your wardrobe, are beautiful for nighttime, and can be paired with simple pieces (boyfriend jeans and a satin cami, for instance) for daytime.

Add a glam piece or two to your wardrobe to add a little range and excitement to your go-to looks.

5. The Classic Pantsuit

Whether you wear a suit to work or not, having at least one classic pantsuit in your closet is a must. A great straight cut will complement all shapes and sizes.  Be sure the pants are the perfect length for flats and heels — get them tailored if you need to.

Choosing a pantsuit in a neutral will extend its wear-ability (business, pleasure, and everything in between). You’ll save yourself some stress if you have a great-fitting suit ready for any pop-up interview, business meeting, court date, or even a funeral. Layer the suit with a cami or pair the jacket with jeans for a more casual take.

Buying the highest quality suit you can afford is the best approach when it comes to a classic pantsuit. This timeless trend will remain a staple in your wardrobe as long as it is in good condition and fits well. Don’t forget this essential when selecting your go-to wardrobe pieces.

6. The A-line Dress

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Finally, another incredibly popular classic piece — the A-line dress. The A-line is a great fit for all shapes and sizes and is versatile enough to be an all-occasion piece.

Bring a little flair into your wardrobe by choosing a patterned dress that can pair wonderfully with other essentials — a white button-up shirt, denim jacket, or suit jacket. Choosing a neutral is another great option with endless styling opportunities. Adding bold gemstone jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, or rings) enhances the A-line dress look. Pair the dress with sneakers for a casual, trendy, go-to ensemble.

There is a range of dress materials to choose from — it’s best to go with a durable choice that can be worn through the seasons and can be washed at home. This classic can easily go from day to night and should be a part of every wardrobe.

Keeping classic and timeless pieces in your closet will save time and money without sacrificing style. Keep your eyes open for great button-up shirts, bohemian maxis, denim separates, classic pantsuits, and A-line dresses to add to or update your wardrobe. With simple styling additions to these classics, you can always stay on top of the hottest trends and mix and match your favorites with ease!

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