Beyond Aesthetics: The Practical Power of Functional Accessories

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Let’s face it, life can be pretty overwhelming. Between work, family life, and binge-watching the latest season of Love is Blind, accessorizing may not always be high on your priorities. But you may not realize that the right accessories will simplify your life like a planner. Functional accessories serve double duty by solving annoying issues while pulling together your look. As far as we’re concerned, they’re a must for every closet.

The key to investing in functional accessories is picking high-quality, timeless pieces that will match any outfit and last for years. Once you invest in high-quality accessories, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Read on for our guide to finding the best staples to enhance your style.

The Cool Girl Tote 

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A city girl classic, tote bags are essential when investing in functional accessories. And there’s a reason we’re totes obsessed. These classic carryalls never go out of style. They’re big enough to lug around everything you need for the day (and then some) while maintaining a streamlined silhouette.

If you don’t have one already, a tote bag should be your first line of defense when managing life on the go.

This season, we love the sleek appeal of the nylon tote bag. While this style shines with athleisure, it’s also an excellent companion for business casual looks. And unlike their bulkier counterparts, nylon tote bags are refreshingly lightweight, which helps ease the burden of bulky contents like laptops or packed lunches.

Face-Flattering Shades

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Whether recovering from late-night mojitos or going out incognito, a great pair of sunglasses is the ultimate functional accessory. Not only do they shield your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they also flatter the face more than bronzer. But choose wisely because the wrong pair of sunglasses can sabotage your best features. Neo from the Matrix is not the look we’re going for here.

When investing in your go-to pair of sunglasses, we recommend skipping over uber-trendy styles (leave y2K revival for the kids). Instead, focus on high-quality materials and flattering silhouettes.

Find Your Best Design

When choosing sunglasses, size—and shape—matters. The trick is to remember the rule of contrast. If you have a round face shape, look for angular frames that add length and definition. Square or rectangular sunglasses are your BFFs, but oval frames are generally a no-no.

Square face shapes (characterized by a strong jawline and broad forehead) will look amazing in designer oval sunglasses. Cat-eye or butterfly-shaped sunglasses are other terrific options for adding balance and femininity. Oval face shapes are the ultimate chameleons. This face shape can pull off almost any look, from classic aviators to oversized frames!

Heart-shaped faces, defined by a wider forehead and narrower chin, are best complemented by sunglasses with a more bottom-heavy structure. Aviators are an ideal style for this face shape and lend any look a timeless Hollywood appeal.

Lastly, if you have a diamond face shape, look for styles that let your beautiful bone structure do the talking. This face shape looks stunning in understated styles that don’t add extra angularity to the face. Rimless glasses are sure to flatter.

The Cherry on Top: Hair Accessories

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Like icing on a cake, the right hair accessories will help top off your look and pull together your outfit. Beyond taming your locks, hair accessories will help you set the right mood for any event. They’re also our secret weapon for dipping a toe into bold trends without going overboard.

One of our favorite remnants of the 90s trend is the re-emergence of the oversized scrunchy. These new-generation scrunchies come in eye-catching colors and unexpected fabrics like lace and silk. And they’re stylish enough to wear on your wrist to add visual interest and whimsy. Use them to pull back your hair into a chic topknot or messy pony for the ultimate cool girl look.

Pro tip: Use hair accessories to try your hand at the coquette aesthetic sweeping social media for months. A delicate hair bow used in a ponytail or half-up style will make you feel like a princess without falling into Toddlers and Tiaras territory.

Speaking of nostalgia for decades past, nothing will make you feel like a 70s Italian screen siren quicker than a silk headscarf. And who wouldn’t want to feel like Sofia Loren cruising the Amalfi coast? Even if you’re dressing down, a bold-patterned scarf will add an exotic twist to any ensemble. Tie them around your ponytail, twist them into headbands, or wrap them into intricate updos. The sky’s the limit.

For special occasions, hair jewels are your perfect accessory for a stunning entrance. In a room full of diamond necklaces and ear studs, hair jewels add a refreshing touch of glamor and make you stand out best.

Simple But Never Boring

Belts, hats, scarves, bags—your style canvas awaits! But here’s the secret: Less is more regarding accessorizing. Don’t overwhelm your look with too many bold accessories. Instead, let one standout piece steal the spotlight. The great thing about functional accessories is that they can be used together without looking like you just cleared grandma’s closet. Start investing in these valuable essentials and watch your look (and life) transform faster than you can say statement necklace.

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