The Breathtaking Views of Machu Picchu in Peru

The Breathtaking Views of Machu Picchu in Peru

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Machu Picchu is an ancient Incan city nestled in the Andes mountains of Peru. Known for its stunning views, it has become a popular destination for travelers seeking adventure and a glimpse into the history of the Incan civilization. In this article, we will explore the history of Machu Picchu, the breathtaking views it offers, and how to access the site.


Machu Picchu was built in the 15th century by the Incan civilization. The site was abandoned during the Spanish conquest and was only rediscovered in 1911 by American explorer Hiram Bingham. It is believed that Machu Picchu was an important religious site for the Incans, serving as a sanctuary for their gods.

The Views

Machu Picchu offers stunning vistas of the surrounding Andes mountains and valleys. The site is situated on a ridge between two peaks and overlooks the Urubamba River valley below. Visitors can take in the breathtaking views from various points within the ruins, including the Intihuatana, the Temple of the Sun, and the Temple of the Three Windows. Sunrise and sunset are particularly magical times to visit, as the sun illuminates the ruins and the surrounding landscape with a golden glow.


Visiting Machu Picchu requires a bit of effort, but the views are well worth it. The most popular way to access the site is by hiking the Inca Trail, a 26-mile trek that takes hikers through stunning Andean scenery and past other Incan ruins before reaching Machu Picchu. The trek can take anywhere from two to four days, depending on the route taken and the fitness level of the hiker. Another option is to take the train from Cusco to Aguas Calientes, the town at the base of Machu Picchu, and then take a shuttle bus to the entrance of the ruins.

Tips for Visiting

When planning a visit to Machu Picchu, it’s important to keep in mind the weather and the best time of year to visit. The dry season, from May to September, is the best time to visit as there is less chance of rain and the skies are clearer, providing better views. Visitors should also bring appropriate clothing and gear, including sturdy shoes, sunscreen, a hat, and a rain jacket. It’s also important to stay hydrated and take it slow due to the high altitude of the site.


Machu Picchu is a wonder of the world that offers breathtaking views and a glimpse into the history of the Incan civilization. Whether you choose to hike the Inca Trail or take the train, the journey to Machu Picchu is an unforgettable experience. So pack your bags, bring your camera, and get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

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